Events For Young Guernsey Musicians

Any sporty person will tell you, the way to raise your game is to train or play with someone better at it or more experienced than you. Imitating and copying is how we learn to speak, read, drive, pretty well everything. It’s the same with music.

In Guernsey, if you are a young musician, you get to play or sing in and after School; on Saturday mornings; with groups all over the Island – and quite right too. BUT, from time to time, other less frequent opportunities are provided by visiting musicians, both individual and groups, who are prepared to add to their rehearsal and concert schedules to work with young people in a variety of ways.
These Are Not To Be Missed!

Several of the artists coming to Guernsey for the 2006 Victor Hugo International Music Festival have agreed to run workshops for young musicians in the Island. Adults don’t get this treatment! The most ambitious of these sessions will be with members of the youth orchestras 'shadowing' – playing alongside – members of our visiting orchestra Northern Sinfonia.


Through the generosity of our principal sponsors, Bank Julius Baer, all young people attending workshops will also be given a ticket to the concert given by their artist. These tickets will not cost you anything!

Attendance at most events will be arranged through the schools music service so watch this space for a full listing of events specifically for you.

The Victor Hugo International Music FestivalJust do it!

Be there! Go to the concerts!
And experience live, as opposed to recorded, music. Actually being in the room at the same time that the sounds are made is different. You are part of the performance just by being there.

Be there! Go to a workshop!
When you get a chance to work closely with people who actually earn a living 'doing' music, a very special relationship develops. Students often refer to "our orchestra" or "our bass player" and then afterwards, the experience of seeing and hearing them perform is different, you know them and how they work.